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Buy Marijuana seeds from Amsterdam, order Cannabis seeds Online!

Welcome! You found some of the best Premium Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds Online. We grow them at our farm in Amsterdam, Holland and sell to our customers directly. It means we can offer them at very good, dutch farm prices and we are sure of their quality. We supply you with the marijuana seeds strains you will also find on menu's in Amsterdam coffee shops.

We send our marijuana seeds world wide and assure best delivery times in Europe and the USA (in wich state it is legal to receive genetics for medical purpose). We carry about 40 strains of beautifull, potent and easy to grow to choose from. Orders come in crush proof plain discrete envelopes.You can purchase your cannabis seeds in your national currency, i.e. USD, we provide different payment options, currency calculator online. All our prices are per 10 marijuana seeds .

First Time growing Marijuana seeds?

Is this the first time you are looking to buy marijuana seeds online, or even the first time you've ever considered growing your own plants? Check out the marijuana seed shop which will give you the basic information on selecting a marijuana strain. It will help you find out which type of Marijuana seeds are right for you. Buy Marijuana seeds click here!

Marijuana Grow Tips!

Feel free to use our exten-sive marijuana growing guide, where you will find topics on how to get the largest cannabis plants with the biggest yield, while having the least amount of work, and a lot of other information. Also we have a marijuana grow DVD that learns you how to build a small growroom and shows you the cultivation process from seedlings to harvest time. Click here!


Our Marijuana Grow DVD!

Almost everyone has a space at home that can be made suitable for growing a few marijuana plants. See how cannabis plants can easily be cultivated at home for your own use. This DVD gives a step-by-step explantion about how to transform an attic into a cultivation area and the matrials needed for this. It also demonstrates the entire cultivation/flowering process from the shoot up to including harvesting. This DVD is a MUST for everyone interested in marijuana growing.

Our Marijuana Friends!

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